Vision Mission Goals


"To be a value based globally acclaimed university at the forefront of innovation that provides experiential and transformative education through outstanding research and scholarship, leveraging service and leadership for industry and society."


  • To be a learner centric university creating a dynamic and inclusive community that fosters intellectual, experiential, and lifelong learning competencies, while making meaningful contributions to society.
  • To nurture thinkers and solution providers that lead innovation and knowledge creation.
  • To advance knowledge and understanding, through cutting-edge research, scholarship, and creative activity, whilst also providing students with a transformative education that prepares them for success in the global workforce.
  • To imbibe entrepreneurial skill and values among faculty and students.
  • To be a leader in higher education, establishing synergetic relations and alliances which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia of repute and industry, both nationally and internationally.


  • To be globally acclaimed University in top 500 bracket of International Ranking.
  • To attain 200% growth in research outcomes including quality publications in Quartile Journals and conferences, patents, sponsored Projects, Technology products, books, monograms etc.
  • To be a multi-faculty University with 5 multidisciplinary research centres and introduce 5 interdisciplinary programmes.
  • To setup 10 collaborative centres of excellence imparting essential skills for enhancing academic pursuits.
  • To establish an industry partnered incubation centre to nurture entrepreneurship.
  • To have 25% of learner population opting for entrepreneurship and/or pursuing higher studies.
  • To attract foreign faculty from reputed universities to the extent of 5% of total faculty.
  • To secure a digital ecosystem that facilitates communication and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • To have 50 collaborations-MoUs with Institutes of repute both India and abroad.


  • Reverence for All: as JSPMites we will inspire feeling of gratitude and deep sense of respect, recognition and appreciation of inherent worth and dignity of every individual with humility.
  • Integrity: both academic and individual accountability, to what is just and right, of being honest, truthful and fair, to deliver with moral principles.
  • Servant Leadership/Service: serve the common good.
  • Empathy: an unfettered spirit to understand needs of others cognitively and affectively.
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