At JSPM University, the well-being of our students is a top priority, and we are committed to ensuring their health and wellness throughout their academic journey. To uphold this commitment, we have established comprehensive healthcare and medical facilities across our campus.

Our medical centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide essential medical care and assistance to students whenever needed. We have partnered with qualified and experienced doctors, including male and female nurses, who offer empathetic and responsible care to address students' health concerns effectively.

Some key highlights of our medical and healthcare facilities include:

- Well-maintained medical facilities with modern equipment.

- Qualified doctors and nurses available for consultations and treatments.

- Walk-in visits for addressing urgent health concerns.

- Issuance of illness certificates after verification of genuine cases.

- Laboratories recommended by physicians and nurse practitioners for diagnostic tests.

- Arrangements for public health immunizations based on certified physician recommendations.

- Nutritional services to educate students about healthy eating habits and provide guidance on meal planning.

- Medical advice for students traveling for study or leisure purposes, ensuring their health and safety during their trips.

At JSPM University, we are dedicated to promoting a culture of wellness and providing comprehensive healthcare services to support the overall well-being of our students. Through our medical facilities and partnerships with healthcare professionals, we strive to ensure that students receive timely and appropriate healthcare assistance whenever they need it.

At JSPM University, we understand that classrooms play a pivotal role in shaping the educational experience, complementing the dedication of faculty and the determination of students. Therefore, we meticulously design and maintain modern classrooms across all our schools to create an environment conducive to learning and foster teacher-student interactions.

Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the learning experience. From Video Conferencing Facilities to Smartboards, Fixed Cameras to Touchpad Systems, we ensure that students have access to the latest technology for digital learning.

Moreover, we operate Instructional Technology Centers (ITCs) and computer labs, providing students with access to computing resources for academic purposes. While classroom usage is scheduled, students can utilize open study rooms, with availability subject to semester changes.

At JSPM University, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in teaching standards. Our experimental classrooms serve as dynamic learning spaces where faculty members are trained in modern educational technology and methods. With flexible facilities, interactive boards, and hi-tech sound systems, these classrooms promote student cooperation, discussion, and participation, fostering transformative education.

In essence, our classrooms at JSPM University are not just spaces for instruction but hubs of innovation, collaboration, and growth, ensuring that every student receives a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

At JSPM, we endeavour to provide our students with the best of everything. Our trustworthy hostel facility is one of them. We provide a reliable and comfortable hostel facility, which, while enabling students to live and learn fearlessly, assures parents of their child’s safety. Our hostel rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities and our staff remains available 24/7 at the students’ disposal to address various needs of theirs.

Some highlights of our hostel facility include the following.

  • Solar Water Heating System
  • Common Room Facilities With Tv, Telephone And Wi-Fi
  • Canteen, Mess Facility (Veg And Non-Veg)
  • Food Joints
  • 24/7 Security
  • Cooled And Purified Drinking Water
  • High Hygiene Standards
  • Pleasant Environment
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Laundry Service
  • Newspapers (Marathi And English) To Keep Up With The World
  • 24/7 Ambulance Service To Address Emergencies

In addition, our hostel facility also has a space that allows students to enjoy outdoor activities, socialize and refresh themselves. They can indulge in indoor games like chess and carrom and outdoor sports like volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc. Music lovers can tune themselves to a soothing rhythm and de-stress in the music room.

Rules and Regulations

While not imposing strict rules and regulations on students, we expect them to cooperate and maintain the hostel and University’s decorum. Some rules and regulations students are expected to adhere to include the following.

  • Ragging is prohibited on campus.
  • Use of professional and polite language.
  • Rude or abusive language is strictly banned.
  • Keeping articles like crackers, weapons, firearms etc., in the room will lead to strict actions.
  • Any illegal activities within the hostel premises are strictly prohibited.
  • Alcohol, smoking or consuming drugs on the premises is strictly forbidden.

At JSPM University, we prioritize the safety and security of our students and staff, recognizing that a secure environment is essential for fostering seamless and fearless learning. To uphold the highest standards of safety across our campus, we have established a dedicated Department of Safety and Security.

Our safety division oversees various critical areas, including:

  1. Security and Law Enforcement Systems: Managing JSPM's electronic safety infrastructure, including camera networks, access control, alarms, and emergency phones. This ensures comprehensive surveillance and response capabilities across our campuses.
  2. Accountability and Compliance: Ensuring adherence to safety protocols and regulations, fostering a culture of accountability among students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Security Services: Contract management of campus security officers, ensuring the presence of trained personnel to maintain a safe environment.

In addition to these core functions, we have developed a robust Emergency Management Program that outlines strategies to protect lives, property, and assets during emergencies.

Our commitment to safety extends to environmental health and safety initiatives, promoting practices that ensure a healthy and environmentally sound campus community. We coordinate safety programs for all campus buildings, identify and address risks, and develop corrective action plans to mitigate potential hazards.

Furthermore, our residence security measures include manned patrols, CCTV monitoring, visitor sign-in procedures, and awareness programs to enhance safety awareness among residents.

At JSPM University, we strive to ensure operational transparency, develop collaborative partnerships, and establish lasting credibility among students, faculty, and staff. Through our comprehensive safety and security initiatives, we create an environment where learning and growth can flourish without compromise.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, E-Learning has emerged as the new norm, reshaping the way students engage with academic content and interact with their peers and instructors. At JSPM University, we recognize the transformative potential of E-Learning and are committed to equipping our students with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in the digital age.

Our E-Learning facilities are a testament to our progressive and futuristic approach to education. We provide students with access to state-of-the-art virtual classrooms, equipped with the latest learning technologies to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences. From advanced projectors to high-speed internet connectivity, our facilities are designed to ensure seamless and uninterrupted education delivery.

Moreover, our E-Learning studio is a hub of multimedia, audio, and video streaming processes, tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. This studio serves as a dynamic space for students to explore, collaborate, and innovate, fostering an environment conducive to academic excellence and personal growth.

Central to our E-Learning initiatives is our team of experienced and qualified faculty members who are experts in leveraging E-Learning infrastructure to optimize student learning outcomes. They provide guidance, support, and mentorship to students, empowering them to harness the full potential of our E-Learning facilities and excel in their academic endeavours.

With interactive and immersive learning infrastructure and a dedicated team of faculty members, JSPM University is committed to providing our students with a world-class E-Learning experience that prepares them for success in the modern world. Join us at JSPM and embark on a transformative educational journey where the possibilities of E-Learning are endless.

JSPM University is dedicated to offering cafeteria services across all its campus, prioritizing the provision of regular, healthy, and hygienic meals for students. We partner only with reputable caterers and cafeteria service providers who align with our mission and adhere strictly to our policies and regulations regarding canteen operations.

Our cafeteria services boast several key features designed to enhance the dining experience for students:

  1. Fresh and Nutritious Menu: We offer a diverse range of fresh and nutritious food items to cater to varying tastes and dietary preferences.
  2. Hygiene Maintenance: The cafeteria sections and kitchen areas undergo frequent cleaning and sanitation to uphold the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.
  3. Quality Infrastructure: Our cafeteria spaces are furnished with high-quality furniture, providing students with comfortable and inviting dining environments.
  4. Ventilation: We ensure well-ventilated rooms and kitchen spaces to promote air circulation and maintain a comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Modern Equipment: We utilize high-quality equipment and appliances in our kitchens to uphold quality standards and ensure efficient food preparation.
  6. Affordable Pricing: Our cafeteria services are priced reasonably, ensuring that students can enjoy nutritious meals without straining their budgets.

At JSPM University, we are committed to providing students with more than just a meal – we aim to create a dining experience that promotes well-being, convenience, and affordability. Join us at our cafeteria and indulge in delicious, healthy fare prepared with care and consideration for your needs.

JSPM prioritizes the welfare of its students, staff, and faculty members, recognizing their banking needs as an essential aspect of their daily lives. In line with this commitment, we have collaborated with several banking institutions to offer comprehensive banking services within our premises, including access to 24/7 ATMs from prominent banks such as ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Punjab National Bank, and Axis Bank.

Our partnership extends beyond basic banking services, as we strive to provide additional benefits to our students, including free online, mobile, and text banking, account transfer options, and remote deposit facilities. Moreover, students can avail themselves of a range of domestic and international banking services offered by these banks, such as accepting foreign checks, opening new accounts, and conducting wire transfers.

Furthermore, we offer exclusive banking schemes tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students. The Personal Saver Account (PSVR) enables swift account opening in just ten minutes, with the option to link personal accounts for seamless transactions. International students can also benefit from this service, receiving assistance from JSPM University staff members.

It's important to note that while JSPM University does not endorse any particular financial institution, we encourage students to select the bank that best suits their individual banking requirements. Students can maintain their accounts with hometown banks and utilize various banking services supported by their respective institutions, whether through websites, mobile apps, or ATM debit cards. International students are advised to consider wire transfer fees and processing times when managing their finances.

At JSPM University, we prioritize accessibility and convenience for our students, faculty, and staff, recognizing the importance of efficient transportation facilities in ensuring a seamless campus experience. Our comprehensive transportation services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our campus community.

We offer a range of transportation options to facilitate easy commute to and from our campuses. Our fleet of buses provides regular and reliable transportation services, connecting various parts of the city to our campuses. These buses are equipped with modern amenities to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during their journey.

In addition to buses, we also offer shuttle services within the campus to facilitate movement between different academic buildings, residential halls, and other facilities. These shuttle services run at regular intervals throughout the day, making it convenient for students and staff to navigate the expansive campus.

For students living off-campus, we provide assistance in coordinating shared transportation arrangements, such as carpooling, to optimize commuting efficiency and reduce environmental impact. We also encourage the use of sustainable transportation options, such as cycling, and provide designated parking areas for bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles.

At JSPM University, we are committed to ensuring that transportation facilities are accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly, enabling our campus community to focus on their academic pursuits and extracurricular activities without the hassle of transportation logistics.


At JSPM University, we view sports not just as a recreational activity but as an essential component of our curriculum and lifestyle. Engaging in sports not only fosters physical fitness but also instils values like sportsmanship, teamwork, and empathy. As such, we actively encourage our students to participate in the various sporting activities we organize throughout the year and make use of the sports facilities we provide.

Our campus at JSPM University are designed to support a vibrant sports culture, with ample space for indoor and outdoor activities. We offer a range of facilities including indoor games such as chess, carrom, and table tennis, as well as outdoor facilities like basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, and cricket grounds. Additionally, our well-equipped gym features a variety of exercise equipment to cater to different fitness needs.

Throughout the year, we organize a series of sporting events and tournaments, including inter-college sports competitions and university-level contests. These events not only add vibrancy to our academic environment but also provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents and compete at various levels. We take pride in nurturing talented athletes who have excelled at the national level.

At JSPM, we offer multiple club choices, opportunities for inter-collegiate competitions, and a newly extended and well-equipped sports centre to cater to the diverse interests and needs of our students. By balancing academics and extracurricular activities like sports, we aim to create holistic professionals and well-rounded individuals who are poised for success in their chosen endeavours. Join JSPM to embark on a journey of self-discovery and achievement!

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