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Quest Of Academic Enrichment And Pursuit Of Excellence

The Faculty of Science and Technology of JSPM University is dedicated to providing high-quality education in the fields of science and technology. We aspire to set new standards in modern education via creative teaching, exceptional facilities, and an industry-resilient curriculum geared for the future job market.
The curricula provided by the faculty of science and technology are well-planned and developed, with an emphasis on information acquisition, practical applications, hands-on training, global and industrial relevance, and social importance.
Teachers and instructors with extensive academic expertise are the architects of the faculty of science and technology's diligently prepared curriculum and programme modules. Faculty members have industrial exposure and expertise, which they frequently transfer into their teaching, bridging the gap between industry and academia. Carefully curated cross-disciplinary courses foster our internationally oriented research strengths. Experiential Learning is included into the curriculum so that students are engaged in the intellectual processes and have many opportunities to put their ideas into action. It assists students in developing professional competency via exposure to labs and workshops, as well as industry experience through internships and projects.
The curriculum is established in accordance with the new education policy 2020, which aims to offer every student with access, affordability, equity, quality, and accountability in their education. It emphasises on offering students the option to pick from a variety of university-level courses, rather than limiting them to a single specialization.
The Faculty of Science has two schools viz School of Basic and Applied Sciences and School of Engineering & Technology under which various graduate and under graduate programs are offered.
We are one-of-a-kind Faculty as we prepare our students with a competitive advantage to be future-ready and creating solutions for the betterment of society.

To inculcate and promote innovative teaching practices and experiential learning in the field of Science and Technology, fostering academic achievement and quality research, and producing globally acclaimed professionals to positively contribute for the betterment of our global society.

  • To be recognised for the quality of our programmes, the quality of our instruction, our creative research, and our goal to be a contributing partner to our community.
  • To nurture leaders with vision, innovative thinking, social awareness, and a commitment to our values.
  • To contribute to the nation's economic and technical growth by enhancing students' employability and entrepreneurial skill.
  • To foster lifelong learning by imbibing critical thinking, scientific knowledge, technical competency and analytical ability in a diverse group of learners.
  • To lead, develop, and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge for the benefit of global communities.
  • To develop educated, active, and inventive human capital.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to student and staff wellbeing while implementing initiatives that satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders.
  • To continually enhance study plans and implement various contemporary instructional approaches, as well as experience learning, in order to be consistent with students' future goals.

Welcome to JSPM University, a vibrant hub of scientific exploration and technological innovation. As the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, I invite you to embark on an exciting educational journey that will shape your future and open doors to endless possibilities.

At JSPM University, we offer a diverse range of programs designed to nurture talent and unleash the potential of our students. Our portfolio includes Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Data Science and AI, B.C.A., B.Sc. in Animation and VFX, M.Sc. in Cybersecurity, Data Science and AI, and Clinical Psychology. We also provide comprehensive B. Tech., M. Tech., and Ph. D. programs in various disciplines, such as Computer Science, AI and ML, Data Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation, ETC, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Construction Management.

What sets us apart is our commitment to experiential learning. We believe that hands-on experiences and industry collaborations are the keys to preparing our students for the real world. Through our strong industry partnerships and global degree programs, we ensure that our graduates possess the skills and knowledge sought after by leading companies worldwide. Moreover, our flexible learning hours cater to working professionals, allowing them to pursue their educational goals without compromising their professional commitments.

At JSPM, we prioritize your holistic development. Alongside your core academic curriculum, we offer professional skill development courses that align with the needs of the present-day computer, IT, and various industries. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge equipment, and advanced computing facilities create an environment conducive to innovation and exploration.

Furthermore, our collaborations with renowned institutions like IIT Ropar and esteemed industries through MoUs provide you with unique opportunities for research, internships, and industry-driven projects.

Join us at JSPM University and become part of a dynamic community of learners, thinkers, and doers. Unleash your potential, embrace experiential learning, and let us empower you to shape the future through science and technology. Welcome to JSPM University, where possibilities become reality.

Dr. R. S. Deshpande,
I/C Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
JSPM University, Pune

The Faculty of Science & Technology at JSPM University Pune shines with its unique features and accomplishments. Here are some highlights and spotlights that distinguish the faculty:

1. Interdisciplinary Approach: The faculty embraces an interdisciplinary approach to education, encouraging collaboration and integration across various scientific and technological disciplines. This fosters a holistic understanding and prepares students to tackle complex, real-world challenges that require multidimensional solutions.

2. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: The faculty boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, including modern laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, and advanced research facilities. Students have access to the latest technology, tools, and equipment to enhance their learning experience and practical skills.

3. Industry Collaboration: The faculty maintains strong partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders, fostering a symbiotic relationship between academia and the corporate world. This enables students to gain exposure to real-world scenarios, industry trends, and emerging technologies, enhancing their employability and preparing them to make a seamless transition into the professional sphere.

4. Research Excellence: The faculty places great emphasis on research and innovation, with dedicated research centres and institutes. Faculty members and students actively engage in ground-breaking research projects, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. This research-oriented environment nurtures a culture of curiosity, exploration, and scientific inquiry.

5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The faculty encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and provides support for students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship development programs, incubation centres, and mentorship opportunities help students transform their ideas into viable start-ups and commercial ventures.

6. Holistic Student Development: The faculty focuses not only on academic excellence but also on the overall development of students. Various extracurricular activities, workshops, seminars, and leadership programs are organized to enhance soft skills, teamwork, communication, and personal growth. The faculty strives to produce well-rounded graduates equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in the professional world.

7. Alumni Success: The faculty boasts a strong network of successful alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. These accomplished professionals serve as mentors, guest speakers, and industry connections, providing guidance and support to current students. The faculty takes pride in the achievements of its alumni and continues to foster strong relationships with them.

The Faculty of Science & Technology in JSPM University Pune stands out for its interdisciplinary approach, state-of-the-art infrastructure, industry collaboration, research excellence, focus on entrepreneurship, holistic student development, and a vibrant alumni network. These spotlights demonstrate the faculty's commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience to students, preparing them for successful careers and making a positive impact in the scientific and technological realms.

The Faculty of Science & Technology at JSPM University Pune offers diverse and promising career opportunities across its various disciplines. Here are some potential career paths within the faculty:

1. Research Scientist: With a strong focus on research and innovation, the faculty prepares students for careers as research scientists in both academia and industry. Graduates can contribute to cutting-edge discoveries, advancements, and technological breakthroughs.

2. Software Engineer/Developer: Students specializing in computer science or information technology can pursue careers as software engineers or developers. They can work on designing, developing, and maintaining software applications, systems, and solutions.

3. Data Scientist/Analyst: The faculty equips students with skills in data analysis and interpretation. Graduates can find careers as data scientists or analysts, leveraging their knowledge to extract valuable insights from complex datasets for various industries.

4. Engineering Roles: For students in engineering disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, and telecommunication, there are abundant opportunities in the respective fields. Graduates can pursue careers as engineers, project managers, consultants, or researchers, working on diverse projects and applications.

5. Environmental Scientist: The faculty offers programs in applied sciences that prepare students for careers in environmental science. Graduates can work as environmental scientists, contributing to sustainability efforts, studying ecosystems, addressing climate change, and ensuring environmental compliance.

6. Animation and VFX: Students specializing in animation and visual effects can explore careers in the entertainment industry. Opportunities include roles such as 3D animators, VFX artists, motion graphics designers, and character animators.

7. Entrepreneurship and Start-ups: The faculty fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and provides support for students interested in starting their own ventures. Graduates can pursue entrepreneurial careers by launching start-ups, creating innovative solutions, and contributing to the growth of the economy.

8. Academia and Teaching: Graduates from the faculty can pursue teaching careers in universities, colleges, and research institutions. They can share their knowledge and passion for science and technology by becoming professors, lecturers, or researchers.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of career opportunities available within the Faculty of Science & Technology at JSPM University Pune. The faculty's emphasis on practical skills, industry collaboration, research, and interdisciplinary learning ensures that graduates are well-prepared for successful and rewarding careers in their chosen fields.

Undergraduate Programs

  • B. Sc. Data Science & AI
  • B. Sc. Animation & VFX
  • B. C. A

Postgraduate Programs

  • M. Sc. Cyber Security
  • M. Sc. Data Science & AI
  • M. Sc. Clinical Psychology
  • M. C. A.

Undergraduate Programs

  • B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
  • B. Tech. Electronics & Computer
  • B. Tech. AI & ML
  • B. Tech. Data Science
  • B. Tech. Information Technology

Postgraduate Programs

  • M. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
  • M. Tech. Information Technology
  • M. Tech. Data Science & AI

Undergraduate Programs

  • B. Tech. Electronics & Telecommunication
  • B. Tech. Electrical Engineering

Postgraduate Programs

  • M. Tech. VLSI & Embedded System
  • M. Tech. Power Electronics
  • M.Tech (Automotive Tech.)

Undergraduate Programs

  • B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
  • B. Tech. Mechatronics
  • B. Tech. Robotics & AI

Postgraduate Programs

  • M. Tech. Machines & Drives
  • M. Tech. Robotics & AI
  • M.Tech (Design Engg.)

Undergraduate Programs

  • B. Tech. Civil Engineering
  • B. Tech. Construction Management

Postgraduate Programs

  • M. Tech. Construction Management
  • M. Tech. Structural Engineering
  • M. Tech (Environment & Water Resource Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Real Estate Valuation)
  • M.Tech (Transportation Engg.)
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